This training course is intended to advise of the dangers of asbestos, where it could be found in building materials and what to do in the case of accidental damage and possible exposure. If you or your staff work in an environment where asbestos is present, then you

The areas that this course covers are:

  • Introduction to Asbestos
  • Understanding Asbestos
  • Current Legislation & Guidance
  • Risks and Health Hazards
  • Legal limitations on work liable to disturb asbestos
  • Identifying suspect materials
  • Working Safely
  • Personal responsibility for safety
  • Safe working in areas where there may be asbestos materials nearby (RPE/PPE) – Emergency Procedures


This course is for anyone whose work could possibly expose them to asbestos and anyone involved in either building refurbishment or demolition where their work will disturb the fabric of the building.


This is a half day course and complies to the Control of Asbestos Regulations 2006. You will be awarded with an Asbestos Awareness certificate which is valid for 3 years.